Speech and Language Therapy

Speech-&-LangBertram Nursery Group are dedicated to giving each child the best experiences, knowledge and growth in all areas of development. A Speech & Language Therapy service is unique to Bertram as they acknowledge the importance of communication development in children. My role is to enable nursery staff to create language rich environments and to be in-tune to children’s individual communication skills.

It is widely recognised that the early years of a child’s life are most critical for development. Communication pervades all aspects of life and once affected it impacts a child’s ability to interact with family and staff, their attempts to develop and maintain friendships and learning about their world and education. In the UK over 1 million children and young people have some form of persistent communication difficulty, which is 2-3 in every classroom.

Through working directly in early year settings, it is our role to ensure children have the necessary language skills by the time they commence school in order to develop socially, emotionally and academically. The Communication Trust found that when language difficulties were resolved early (by 5 and a half) children were more likely to go on to develop good reading and spelling skills and this good performance continues throughout their academic careers. The earlier interventions are implemented the lesser impact difficulties will have on a child’s self-esteem and overall development.

The Speech & Language Therapy service has extended its services in Scotland to providing individual assessments and intervention plans for children at risk of developing speech and/or language difficulties. This a new initiative to be piloted in Scotland. Parents who have concerns regarding their child’s speech and language skills, have the opportunity to refer to Bertram’s unique Speech and Language Therapy service. I will assess your child using a range of assessments and through observing your child in the nursery setting. Once the assessment process is complete, I work in close collaboration with key-workers and parents to devise a tailored intervention plan to target the difficulties.

A Speech & Language Therapist across all our nurseries will ensure our children are provided with the support they need to develop their communication skills to their full potential. We are already seeing an impact and are fully committed to this as part of being at a Bertram Nursery.

We aim to ensure that the individual child is a confident communicator in an environment that facilitates further communication development. We also aim for parents to be supported throughout to ensure they too are equipped with the necessary skills to support their children.


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Speech and Language Therapy