We offer a wide range of activities and extras to enrich every child’s experience of nursery.

Each of our nurseries offer a unique range of activities and extras. Please contact your nearest Holyrood nursery to learn which exciting activities they offer.

Eco Schools

Eco Schools is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world and is designed to encourage action on sustainable development issues. Our children love getting involved in their Eco Schools projects and learning about how to help protect the environment.

Forest Gardens

Eco Schools is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world and is designed to encourage action on sustainable development issues. Our children love getting involved in their Eco Schools projects and learning about how to help protect the environment.

Nursery Pets

Taking care of animals provides our children with a great sense of responsibility whilst developing empathy and social skills. Caring for animals can be a very calming and relaxing experience for children as well as an opportunity to assess risk. Keeping pets provides many vital learning opportunities and skills that support the transition to school and adult life. Children name, feed and care for nursery pets.

Fundraising Activities

Taking part in fundraising activities helps children to learn about others that are less fortunate than themselves and understand how we can help them. Fundraising events are good fun and are a great way to bring children, families and communities together. Some of the fundraisers we have taken part in are; sponsored toddles, superhero days, baking cakes to sell and garden parties.


We celebrate the big move to primary school with a special graduation ceremony each year—caps, gowns, the works!

Christmas Shows

We celebrate Christmas by putting on wonderful Christmas shows for friends and family. There's always much excitement in preparing for the show as we learn songs and organise our special dress ups.

Baking With Chef

Wherever we can we encourage children to partake in preparing their meals at nursery. We love to see children take pride in their culinary creations and enjoy healthy and delicious food.

Easter Parade

Each year we celebrate Easter with a special Easter Parade – enjoyed by all our little ones!

Special Festivals ENGLAND - WEB

Special Festivals

We celebrate various festivals and events throughout the year with Christmas shows, Easter Parades and Chinese New Year Celebrations. There's always much excitement in preparing for these as children get involved with learning songs, organising special dress ups and much more.
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Summer trips

We offer an annual summer trip to our children which can include exploring at a number of wonderful attraction sites! Some of our previous trips have been to places like Local Zoo and museums.

Interactive Smartboards

Our Interactive Smart Boards offer exciting and stimulating learning experiences tailored to challenge and engage little ones.

Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms are calm and tranquil spaces that support children's sensory stimulation through the resources and experiences provided. Sensory stimulation - touch, taste, smell, sight and sound - is vital for young children's brain development.

Qualified Teachers

Our qualified teachers work closely with our preschool children and their key workers to ensure that children make good progress within all aspects of their development in readiness for school.

Every Child's a Talker

Through our Every Child’s A Talker (ECAT) language programme we provide a detailed, age-appropriate language sessions in each of our nursery rooms. Babies and Toddlers have lots of fun at our sing and sign sessions, our Tweenies enjoy Looking and Listening sessions, and our Pre-schoolers begin Letters and Sounds sessions in preparation for school.


BLAST is Boosting Language Auditory Skills and Talking. BLAST works on the underpinning skills for language, communication and literacy – turn taking, discrimination, listening, attention and social communication as well as developing basic language skills both receptively and expressively. The programme is positive and fun and our kids LOVE it!
community outings

Community Outings

Our nurseries enjoy great ties with our local community and we are often out and about visiting local sights and getting involved in events. We enjoy visits to the local parks, have good community links with local libraries, supermarkets, soft play centres and pet shops.

Gardening Days

We all pull together for a big day in the garden at our nurseries, preparing for new seasons and enjoying some sunshine!

Dear families,

We are pleased to share with you our exciting plans for the future of our nurseries. Bertram Nursery Group has provided a trusted, caring and quality service to thousands of families over two decades.  That isn’t changing, but we want to grow and develop our services, facilities and, most of all, our teams who make our nurseries and kindergartens such inspiring places for children.

That’s why we’re changing our name to Thrive Childcare and Education because that’s at the heart of what we’re about – helping our children, staff and communities to thrive.

While changing our company name and the names of some of our nurseries is the next step of our development journey, we’ll still have the same dedicated teams caring for your children.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced our belief that we need to adapt and invest in a constantly changing world to continue providing the service that parents and children need, tailored to the communities we support across Scotland and North West England.

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