We offer a wide range of activities and extras to enrich every child’s experience of nursery.

Each of our nurseries offer a unique range of activities and extras. Please contact your nearest Holyrood nursery to learn which exciting activities they offer.

Holiday Clubs

We keep busy with lots of games, arts and crafts, exercise and play at our Holiday clubs.

Out of School Care

We provide Before & After School Care, as well as Holiday Club care for Primary School aged children at select Holyrood nurseries.

Delivery Acceptance

Just another way we aim to make life run a little smoother for our families – many of our nurseries offer delivery acceptance.

Nursery Uniforms

Several of our nurseries have an optional nursery uniform, taking the stress out of the morning rush to get little ones dressed!


E-learning Journals

E-Learning Journals offer exciting and stimulating learning experiences tailored to challenge and engage little ones. Our E-Learning Journals allow parents to see their child’s progress and keep up to date with what they’re up to every day at nursery. We have an online Learning Journals system where our staff upload observations and pictures. All of the observations are linked to what each child has learned from their experiences. E-Learning Journals allow you to see your child’s activities at nursery with the click of a button.

Flexible Sessions

Many of our nurseries offer flexible sessions to support shift workers and families needing a bit of flexibility in their childcare.
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Employee Discounts

We offer employee discounts for NHS and Emergency Services staff at many of our nurseries.

Sign Language

For deaf children, sign language lessons helps them to feel included, settled and eases communication with other children and adults. However, the skill of signing from an early age benefits all children as it can ease frustration for children who are not yet talking, support social interaction and communication, as well as develop fine motor skills that support writing later on.

Bi Lingual Staff

We are lucky to have bi-lingual staff who are able to support children in their first language, or in exploring new languages. This not only helps children settle well into nursery, but also provides opportunities to better understand and celebrate children's cultures and heritage.
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Parent Communication

In recognition that education begins in the home, we are fully committed to a partnership approach with parents. Parents are kept up to date with monthly newsletters and parent’s evenings twice a year. Parents are also able to keep up to date with activities going on in the nursery by following our social media accounts; Holyrood Astley; Holyrood Nursery Bury, Holyrod Nursery Castleton-Facebook,Twitter, Holyrood Nursery Hope; Holyrood Nursery Media City, Holyrood Nursery Princes Dock-Facebook, Twitter; Holyrood Nursery Shaw; Holyrood Nursery Swinton - Facebook, Twitter. Holyrood Nurseries - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.